Harm Reduction Advice – overdoses are rising

harm reduction advice - overdoses are rising shared text messaging from leading drug and alcohol providers

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Overdosed are rising shared hard reduction messaging

Important harm reduction advice

Harm Reduction Leads from leading treatment providers Cranstoun, Change Grow Live, Humankind, Turning Point and harm reduction organisation HIT are encouraging anyone who uses drugs to make a #StayinAlive plan.
Drugs are changing and overdoses are rising.
To reduce your risk of an overdose please take extra precautions when using any type of drug.
– Ask yourself what you can do to prevent your avoidable death.
– Assume any drug could be something else.
– Always be aware of the substances you are using.
– If you’re not sure, test your dose.
Reduce your risk of overdose by following these steps:
🔴Test dose.
🔴Go low and slow.
🔴Stagger dosing among your mates.
🔴Make a rescue plan.
The #StayinAlive plan is aimed at preventing a fatal overdose.
Your plan will be relevant to your unique circumstances and it’s far more likely for you to put into practice.