Criminal Justice

EDP works in partnership with the police, the courts, probation and the prison service to support anyone in the criminal justice system to address their mental health and substance misuse.

How we support people

Teams visit custody suites in Devon and Dorset every day to see who needs our help, and work with the courts and probation to offer an alternative to the penal pathway for low level offenders that addresses their health and wellbeing needs. Teams also work with prison leavers to ensure continuity of care once they are back in the community. Their work ensures that people’s substance misuse needs are met early which reduces crime and ultimately saves money.



Our criminal justice roles

Community Transitions Worker

Works with people while they are in prison and in the run up to their release. They can meet prison leaders at the gate on the day of their release and support them on their first day. Community Transition Workers support people who have been in the criminal justice system back into their local community.

Court Support Worker

These roles are based in courts across Devon and provide assessments for Mental Health Treatment Requirements (MHTR) Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR) and Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR). They are also an invaluable source of support and advice around substance use to professionals who work in court.

Prolific & Other Priority Offender Worker

This team works with people who are repeat offenders. They take a multi-agency approach and work more intensively with offenders to maximise the impact of their work.They support people to reduce offending and reduce harm

Criminal Justice Recovery Workers

These Recovery Workers specialise in working with people who are in the criminal justice system but within the community. They offer a range of interventions and other support as well as delivering Mental Health Treatment Requirements (MHTR) Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR) and Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR)

Criminal Justice SPOC Workers

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) workers are the beating heart of EDP's criminal justice team. They coordinate all the referrals, queries and data and report back to teams on how they are performing against their targets.

Mental Health Workers

Mental Health Recovery Workers work in much the same way as Criminal Justice Recovery Workers but their role is to deliver Mental Health Treatment Requirements in the community for those who have been asked to complete them.

Are you a family member in need of support?

If you have a loved one who is in the criminal justice system, having been arrested or on bail, contact bthechange who can support you to understand who to contact and what you need to know. 

Useful reading

Going through or helping someone else through the criminal justice system can be daunting, so we hope that some of our resources can be a useful aid.