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About us

EDP joined together with Humankind in April 2020 in a subsidiary merger. EDP retains many of its own processes, systems and brand but together with Humankind we are focusing on addressing health and social inequalities both across the South West and nationally. We have a shared the vision for people of all ages to be safe, building ambitions for the future and reaching towards their full potential. 

EDP Drug & Alcohol Services was formed in 1984 by a group of people who were effected by substance misuse, at a time when there was very little support available from health services. Exeter Drugs Project, as the organisation was known then, began life as a support group and help line based in Exeter. Since then the organisation has grown and is now commissioned to provide drug and alcohol services across Devon and Dorset, in the community and in prisons. Whilst the activities of our organisation have changed since it was formed the organisation still holds a similar vision that inspired our founders over 30 years ago – to improve the quality of life for people affected by substance misuse. We continue to work in partnership with those that use our services to design, improve and extend the range and quality of support and resources on offer. Our new relationship with Humankind sees our reach increase across the country but allows us to keep our local focus, ensuring that we keep individuals at the heart of what we do.

Who are EDP?

EDP Drug & Alcohol Services (EDP) are passionate about supporting individuals who face complex issues, including substance misuse, mental ill health, and other harmful, addictive and offending behaviours, to improve their health, wellbeing and employability. We work primarily in the South West, providing services across Devon and Dorset, in the community and within prisons. We offer dynamic and innovative initiatives including:

  • Services in the community and in prisons that support people who wish to address their drug and alcohol use, as well as their families and concerned others;
  • Hidden Gems, a programme which supports people towards and into employment through learning how to design, make and sell jewellery and other handcrafted items from recycled metals;
  • Flourish Health and Wellbeing Cafés, supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing through food, fitness and holistic tools;

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