Getting your drugs tested

how to send your drugs to wedinos, the drugs testing service

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How to get your drugs tested


WEDINOS (the Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances Project) is an organisation that tests your drugs anonymously and for free. Being able to test your drugs to get an accurate picture of exactly what you are taking is a way to reduce harm and keep you safe. 

All you need to do is print off and complete a short form, post it to them with a small sample of what you want testing and wait for the results. It takes around a week for the results to be posted on their website (you’ll know which is yours by checking the reference number which is unique to your sample) so make sure you send off your sample well in advance of when you plan on taking it to make sure you get your results in time. It only costs the price of a stamp and is a really valuable way of keeping yourself and others who may be taking the same substance, safe. 

WEDINOS can’t tell you the purity or dose of your drugs. The results are given as major and minor components of the sample, so for instance, you’re able to find out precisely what your cocaine has been cut with. 

A real benefit of WEDINOS is that all the results are posted on the website for anyone to see alongside the first part of the postcode from where the sample was submitted. This means that it’s possible to see trends in the market in your local area.

To send off a sample to WEDINOS click here