Weymouth joins the BillyChip movement

REACH Out Team brings the BillyChip to Weymouth

The first business in Weymouth to come onboard with the BillyChip initiative has just been revealed. You can buy BillyChips at the Marlboro Restaurant and the owners were overwhelmed at the community response when they posted about it on social media. 

‘We were so pleased that Abbie and the REACH team gave us this amazing opportunity and brought the BillyChip initiative to us” said Lauren Johnson, from the Marlboro Restaurant.
“It is such an incredible way to give back and positively support our homeless community and we were absolutely overwhelmed with support, which just shows how many people out there agree with what an incredible initiative it is. We are absolutely over the moon to be a part of it.’ 

The REACH Out team, a group of workers from REACH, the drug and alcohol service, supported by the Lantern, the Bus Shelter and Julian House, have been instrumental in bringing the ground-breaking initiative to Weymouth. Reach Out is a multi-agency initiative tasked with helping those marginalised, stigmatised and living very chaotic and complex lives, get back on track.

The BillyChip is a unique safe and secure platform which allows the public to donate directly to rough sleepers without the fear of their donation being used for other purposes. Billy Chips can be redeemed for hot drinks and hot food only. The BillyChip initiative is one way of ensuring that people have access to hot drinks and meals as the cold weather sets in.

“The community spirit of Weymouth and the amount of interest in this initiative is incredible” said Abbie, a student worker at REACH EDP in Weymouth. “This will make such a difference to the lives of the homeless in our community… not to have to worry about where their next meal or drink is coming from is and should be a basic human right, a human right our community can now ensure they have.” 

Each chip costs £2 with £1 of it going back to the Billy Chip Charity for homeless initiatives. People who are homeless are given the chips and can redeem them in Weymouth at the Marlboro for a hot drink & chips or a sausage & chips. 

It is seen as a great way for local people to break down the barriers of homelessness, allowing them to engage and offer some positive support to a homeless person. This small act of kindness not only helps the person in need, but also helps to build better communities within our towns and cities.

It is the REACH Out Team who are credited as bringing the BillyChip to Weymouth. Through their conversations with people on the streets and the local community who wanted to support them, that they realised that the BillyChip could be the answer.

“We are delighted to bring this initiative to Dorset” said Christopher Tidman, Creative Solutions and Wellbeing Worker, at REACH EDP Weymouth. “The proven success of Billy Chips in Bristol shows how important it is for any community to engage with those less fortunate. The impact a single act of kindness has on an individual is immeasurable in it’s worth, but for a mere £2 this can be priceless to a person receiving a Billy Chip. We want to thank the Marlboro for signing up to this so quickly and I want to encourage any other food and drink outlets in Dorset to sign up too!”

Recently the BillyChips co-founder Meg Abernethy-Hope won Princess Diana Foundation Award for this initiative, which is growing from strength to strength in the South West. It’s completely free to join and really simple to sign up, so to become the next business to start offering BillyChips in Weymouth contact BillyChips at the following address https://www.billychip.com/join-us/

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