Sydney’s experience of volunteering with EDP

In a final celebration of volunteer week 2017 Sydney who volunteers for our service at HMP Exeter shares her experience of volunteering with EDP.

I decided to get involved in volunteering for HMP Exeter after a conversation with a friend, who works there as a Prison Officer. She gave some great insight, to the work that the Substance Misuse Service provide, and with a lot of curiosity and wanting to give help to others, I decided it would be a good opportunity, along with some of my own experiences.

From day one, which was just over a year ago, everyone has made me feel welcome. The team are fantastic in what they do, and really care about their clients. I have learned plenty of new skills, and gained lots of knowledge throughout the past year, and different experiences.

The service that they provide is a very valuable one, offering support, guidance and clinical observations, undertaking assessments and aiming to help each individual client, respective of their own different needs.

They truly want the best for each person that they see, and aim to help them in anyway that they can. I have loved my time here, and would recommend volunteering here to others, it certainly is a valuable and rewarding experience.

If you are interested in volunteering with EDP find out more about how to get involved on our volunteer page.

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