Ian MacQueen
Chair of Trustees
Ian is an experienced businessman who has spent his career within the retail industry having been involved with a number of well-known UK companies. Since retiring as Group Managing Director of Fiskars Brands UK Ian has founded an online retail company based in the West Country. Alongside his role as Chair of The Board of Trustees for EDP Ian is a trustee of the St John Ambulance County Priory Group, a fundraiser for Children with Cancer UK and Chairman of Exmouth Chamber of Trade. Ian is keenly aware of the impact problematic drug & alcohol use has on the individual, their family and friends, and the wider community, which is why he believes the work EDP does is so very worthwhile. As Chair, Ian sees his role as helping and supporting EDP to achieve its aims and objectives in every respect alongside their central belief in the ability of all people to change and make a positive difference.
Sarah Shepherd
Vice Chair of Trustees
I run a consultancy business working on change processes and leadership development with a range of organisations in health and social services and working with service users, doctors, nurses, managers and leaders, particularly in West Yorkshire and the North East. I also have long experience of governance in further education. I was acting Chair of SMHS prior to its merger with Humankind and was invited to join the Humankind Board following the merger. I have a long interest in creating services with those using them, so am delighted to be working with this team. Adding clinical services to the wide range of services Humankind provides, creates an interesting opportunity to support communities and people in their aspirations.
Janet Bilbie
Janet Bilbie is EDP’s Treasurer, having served on the Finance & Audit Committee for 2 years. She holds the FCA accountancy qualification which she gained in professional practice, and subsequently worked in senior positions in the private and charity sectors. Before she retired, Janet was Director of Finance at The Dulwich Estate, a charity in South London, and brings to the Board experience of sound financial management and strategic planning within the charity environment.
Jim Gilbert
Jim Gilbert works as a Consultant at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and Hospiscare for whom he was Medical Director between 1992 and 2017. He was responsible for clinical governance and acted as Responsible Officer for two additional southwest hospice organisations. He has taught at University of Exeter Medical School since its inception.
Tim Goodwin
Tim is “semi-retired” from a career providing strategic leadership and delivering change in complex organisations, including publicly traded and privately held companies, NGO’s and charities, higher education and governmental bodies. He remains a director with Sustainable Leadership, Ltd., which has a particular emphasis on supporting 3rd sector organisations, sustainability projects and building community capital. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer of the Prince’s Foundation and Managing Director of Community Capital, Ltd., a sustainable development property advisory company and the Foundations wholly owned trading subsidiary. Prior to this, he was a director and / or partner with consulting firms that operated in Europe and the Americas. Tim has served as a trustee or non-executive director with charities and companies in the USA, as well as here in the UK. Tim holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Political Studies from Pitzer College, The Claremont Colleges, California; and a Masters (with distinction) in Leadership Studies from the University of Exeter.
Carl Grindrod
Carl is a CIMA qualified accountant with many years’ experience working as a finance professional in the not-for-profit sector. He has worked in the health and education sectors, and predominantly in the charity sector in cancer research and housing charities. He is currently Head of Finance at Shelter, the national campaign for homeless people, overseeing continuous improvement in all aspects of financial support within the organisation. Carl is passionate about social justice and believes everyone in society deserves a chance to lead their best possible life. Having recently relocated to Exeter, Carl was looking to support a local charity improving the lives of local people and is therefore honoured to join EDP as a trustee.
Paul Taylor
As an attempted service user in the mid 1980s I knew what it was like to be knocking on doors that stayed shut. I say attempted as it took ages to find a door that opened and behind it a staff team that largely knew what they were talking about. It was a bit on the punitive side though and, If they were still around, I hope many would now describe themselves as well meaning dinosaurs in that old treatment world. Later on – as a counsellor, manager, commissioner and researcher – I've had the opportunity to observe, and occasionally contribute to, the field moving on. It is now widely recognized, for example, just how badly barriers to accessing help affect the people who need it the most. You already know the list of horrors, in which death by overdose is but one. So I am proud to be a part of an organisation providing support, and hope, to people in our region still on the receiving end of stigma and exclusion.
Rick Weeks
Rick has, for many years, been in various management roles in the drug and alcohol treatment field, prior to his current role at South West Forum, a regional Third Sector support organisation. Rick’s continuing interest and commitment to the field of treatment is inspired by his belief in peoples’ ability to change, and he is now very pleased to be able to contribute to the governance and strategic direction of EDP. He has a special interest in overcoming barriers to accessing treatment as well as the political dimension of funding drug and alcohol treatment, and also has expertise in the voluntary sector, marketing and business development.
Anna Headley
Executive Director Operations (Humankind)
I have worked in health and social care for over 25 years, including 10 in the NHS, initially qualifying as a General Nurse and then specialising in neurosciences. I became interested in addiction having worked in acute care and witnessing first hand its devastating effects on individuals and their families. In April 2020, when EDP and Humankind merged, I became a Trustee of EDP. How I Came to Work at Humankind Having worked with individuals over several years following traumatic and acquired brain injuries resulting from their addiction I wanted to be part of an organisation that supported people into recovery prior to injury. Since starting in Humankind my remit has expanded into working with other individuals with complex needs and wider social and health issues. What I Enjoy About Working at Humankind I love working for an organisation that is passionate about working with people and values them and their individualism. On a daily basis I see service users who have been entrenched in addiction, homelessness and poor mental health, who find their value and purpose and then thrive. I am proud to be part of that.
Jim Black
As a Probation Officer in Durham, I was an early member of the original Humankind board when it was starting to expand and offer a range of services to young people in Durham County. I left in the late 1980s but returned in 1999 when I took early retirement from Cambridgeshire Probation Service. Since retirement, I have served on a number of public bodies including the Mental Health Review Tribunal, the Care Standards Tribunal and the Medical Practitioners Tribunal. As well as Humankind, I am currently Chair of NEPACS, a long established North East charity. I have been part of the steady growth in scope and scale of Humankind and its services. I am particularly proud of the diversity of services Humankind offers, which allows it to work with complex problems and engage with service users offering a range of help and support.

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