Toys donated to HMP Portland Family Service

Toys donated by a regular family visitor to HMYOI Portland which her son no longer plays with will be used by the EDP Family service at Portland Family Days and in the Visitors Centre.

Photo feature visitors and families enjoying the bouncy castle at a Portland prison Christmas Family Day.

Susie visits her partner every week and regularly chats to the EDP Family worker about living with a partner in prison. She also directs other visitors to the EDP Service for help and advice re substance misuse and chats to other visitors about her experiences.

She heard about the Toy donation drive and offered to get involved. The next time she arrived at the service she bought with her a boot full of good quality toys and even a bouncy castle with generator.

Susie felt really pleased to be of help and says that next time she’s in she’ll have more to bring. Her son has even started sorting out his toys to make a donation.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the family


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