Together Drug & Alcohol Service launches April 2018

A partnership of EDP Drug & Alcohol Services (EDP), Devon Doctors and Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) has been successful in its bid to deliver Together Drug & Alcohol Service in communities across Devon. The five year contract with Devon County Council will launch 1st April 2018.



The aspiration of Together Drug & Alcohol Service (Together),  is to support people to build healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships, healthy families and healthy communities.

Together Drug & Alcohol Service will be supported by the Devon Together Alliance, a formal partnership of Devon-based organisations offering support to people with complex lives. Current Alliance members include EDP, Devon Doctors, DPT, Exeter Community Initiatives (ECI), Freedom Community Alliance, SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone), Shekinah, Westbank and Westward Housing.

Together will work closely with local organisations who are committed to collaborative working, moving to a system where people who have a range of challenges only tell their story once and can access support when and where it is needed across the whole of Devon County and online.

About the new service Lucie Hartley, Chief Executive of EDP commented:

“Problems with drugs and alcohol are usually a symptom of other difficulties people face in their lives. We are genuinely excited by the vision of the commissioners and our partners for a service which focuses on solutions and opportunities to address these difficulties.

EDP’s heart is in Devon. We have been delivering drug and alcohol services in the county for over 30 years. As a locally-based charity, with strong local partnerships, we embrace the opportunity to continue to provide services to the people of Devon.”

More information about the service will be announced in the run up to the launch of the service in April 2018. You can keep up to date with the latest information at

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