Together Chosen as Sainsbury’s Local Charity of the Year 2018/19

Following an in-store and online vote, Together Drug & Alcohol Services have been chosen by Sainsbury’s Newton Abbot East Street Local as their charity of the year 2018/2019. This partnership is an important opportunity to create greater awareness and raise the profile of Together South in Newton Abbot with the support of Sainsbury’s. We hope that this partnership will reinforce the work that the team does within the community and direct those in need to our services.  In addition, Sainsbury’s will provide additional fundraising opportunities which will help to support the work that Together Drug & Alcohol Services carries out with local clients wishing to recover and reintegrate, as well as supporting those affected by substance abuse.

We are grateful to be chosen by the community as their local charity of the year, and consequently we are pleased that Together has managed to make a successful and positive impact in the community.

Further updates on this exciting partnership to follow.


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