TheHorseCourse pilot increases engagement

EDP and TheHorseCourse worked in partnership in 2015 to monitor the effectiveness of offering an innovation equine-assisted behaviour intervention as a tool to help people who are disengaged or not progressing with conventional talk-based interventions to move forward in their recovery.

The EDP service in Dorset identified a group of people within the service who were not moving forward in their recovery. They defined this groups as:

  • Those who are difficult to engage
  • Those who are making very little progress in their recovery
  • Those who have been through treatment on numerous occasions without being able to maintain abstinence for any significant length of time.

EDP approached TheHorseCourse, following projects they had undertaken to engage offenders and young people, to develop a pilot to explore whether their Restart programme could be a toold for moving this group of people forward in their recovery.

The pilot showed that, for the majority of people, the ReStart was an effective tool to engage and move forward in their recovery journey with 55% of the group changing from making limited use of EDP services to making good use two months after the programme took place. There was also a 12% positive shift in 8 core life skills, including engagement, responsibility, calmness, assertiveness, realistic planning, focus and perseverance, empathy and communication, measured before and after the programme.

To find out more about the pilot download the pilot report below and find out more about our work with TheHorseCourse here.

Horse Course and EDP Pilot 2015 -Final

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