The Other Side of Addiction starts next week


EDP’s ‘The Other Side of Addiction’ exhibition opens in less than a week’s time. We’ve been working hard to collect creative work all looking at the issue of Stigma and getting it ready for you to come and see it. It will open next Wednesday 27th May in the Walkway Gallery at Exeter Phoenix, Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS. You can view the exhibition between 10am and 5.30pm until Saturday 27th June.

The aim of the exhibition is to challenge the stigma surrounding drug and alcohol misuse. We want to initiate conversations, by challenging people to look closer at these issues which affect many people and the stigma that often follows. In the 2014 British Drugs Survey 38% of those surveyed knew someone who has or had a serious drug problem yet drug and alcohol misuse is surrounded by stigma and stereotypes. The reality is that there are many reasons why people become dependant on drugs or alcohol and those accessing EDP’s services come from all walks of life. The artwork, creative writing, sculpture and photography all reflect the artist or writer’s interpretation of stigma.

If you are not able to come and see the exhibition we’ll be putting all of the creative work on our website from Wednesday 27th May and we’ll be posting about the work on our website, twitter and facebook pages throughout the month.

Once the exhibition is finished the exhibition is going to be available to tour venues around Devon and Dorset. If you are interested in hosting the exhibition or if you have any questions about it please contact Kat Watts on 01392 666 716 or by emailing

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