Staff go the extra mile to offer rough sleepers Severe Weather Shelter

The last week in November was the coldest for a while and our Street Homeless Outreach Team worked hard to ensure that those who were sleeping rough in Dorset had a safe place to sleep as the temperature went below zero degrees.

In Christchurch on Tuesday 29th November, as the temperature dropped, a late notice was called in the afternoon asking EDP’s Street Homeless Outreach Team to ensure that those rough sleeping in the area had access to a safe place to sleep. EDP staff member, Alan Shane, and volunteer, Darren Knight responded immediately and went out to find people sleeping rough to offer them the option of overnight accommodation.

The team are able to offer those sleeping rough a space to sleep in severe weather which is arranged by the council.

Although they found a number of rough sleepers, some of them had already found a warm space to sleep and others turned down the offer.

However, when the weather got colder the following night a number of those Alan and Darren had spoken to contacted EDP asking for somewhere to sleep which was arranged. Alan and Darren then went out again in the evening to collect them and take them to the organised accommodation.

In West Dorset members of the Street Homeless Outreach Team also went to find rough sleepers to offer them emergency accommodation. Although the offer was turned down staff were able to check on welfare and provide extra warm army sleeping bags and jackets – kindly donated to EDP by the Dorset Poverty Action Group.

Thanks go to the whole Dorset Street Homeless Outreach Team, and in particular Alan and Darren, for giving up their own time at short notice and out of hours to ensure that those sleeping rough were looked after during this very cold period.

Find out more about our Street Homeless Outreach Team in Dorset.

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