Terry’s Story

Terry was dependent on drugs and alcohol which lead to him becoming homeless. Terry came to EDP Weymouth as a last port of call in order to get a script for methadone.


EDP referred him for detox which he completed and left abstinent. He continued to engage with 12 step recovery to help him maintain his recovery.

At the same time EDP referred him for a rent deposit scheme and he was able to find housing with 2 weeks. He started to attend college.

One of Terry’s friends was volunteering at EDP Swanage and encouraged him to get involved with peer supporting. EDP were able to utilise his skills with communication and his commitment to learning and he became a peer mentor helping out at EDP Swanage and EDP Christchurch. He was able to access the Mentoring Course Level 2 (NOCN) with EDP and completed SMART Recovery online training. He also was able to access home detox training, NSP training and group work skills training. He gained a lot of experience in co-facilitating groups and delivering workshops.

Now Terry has built better relationships with his family including his son and daughter who he regularly sees after not seen them for years. He has a new set of friends who support his ongoing recovery.

He enjoyed supporting EDP clients who have really benefited from his support and has been successful in gaining employment as a support worker.

Terry said

“Thanks to all the staff and everyone at EDP who believed in me. Anyone can change and EDP has helped me to change. From street homeless, to client, to peer supporter, mentor, volunteer and now paid supporter work in the Health and Social Care field. Thank you to all at EDP.”

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