Hit the High Note Pin


Just to say ‘thank you for the music”…



Hit the High Note Pin 

Say ‘thank you for the music’ with this lovely musical note pin which can be worn in the hair or on an item of clothing. It’s an entirely ethical product, made from recycled copper sheeting and wire.

Made with love by Kit at Hidden Gems

“I have been working in the care industry all my life and when I gave up my job I wanted to find something involving working with people. I have found a creative project where I can combine my hobby alongside helping people by being at Hidden Gems”.

Hidden Gems is a social enterprise project of EDP Drug & Alcohol Services. The project provides friendly, social places for people who are out of work to come and learn creative and business skills which supports them into paid employment. All products are hand made in our West Country factories and are entirely ethically sourced and manufactured, utilising surplus, unwanted, recycled and reclaimed materials. Every piece of Hidden Gems jewellery is unique and hand crafted by someone who is working hard to overcome personal hurdles and is forging a new profession, often after years of unemployment. Thank you for helping us sustain this life changing work.