Personal Transitions Service

Personal Transitions Service

One of EDP’s values is belief – we firmly believe in everyone’s potential. We know that people can and do make remarkable changes. The Personal Transitions Service (PTS) is a partnership between EDP Drug & Alcohol Service (delivered through its Together Devon Service) and the Mayday Trust which works with strong, inspirational, incredibly resilient and talented people!

It offers personalised coaching for people going through the toughest of life transitions such as experiencing homelessness, leaving care or coming out of prison.

Inspirational Asset Coaches work with people so that they transition out of their situations quickly and sustainably with a whole new community of support built around them.

What the Personal Transitions Service offers:

  • Highly personalised and strength-based coaching
  • Personalised opportunities that build on people’s interests for example, football clubs, music studios, model cars
  • Local community links so people can build positive networks independent of support services
  • Personal budgets to build on people’s skills and aspirations
  • Signposting to support and advice on housing, health, finance, employment and any other things people feel will help them get to where they want to be

PTS Coaches meet wherever people want, never in an office, and they are not afraid to have real world conversations.

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