HMP Dartmoor Prisoners complete Social Enterprise Qualification

Social enterprise is being studied in a brand new setting that sees the ground-breaking Social Enterprise Qualification delivered to prisoners in HMP Dartmoor. EDP Drug & Alcohol Services is currently delivering the qualification to groups of learners from HMP Dartmoor, which aims to accredit social enterprise learning. The learners successfully completed the qualification at Bronze level, a Level 1 on the Qualifications Credit Framework, which involves the setting up and running of a one-off social enterprise activity. Learners from HMP Dartmoor created their own products which they then sold at a ‘pop up shop’ in the prison and at...HMP Dartmoor Prisoners complete Social Enterprise Qualification

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EDP a Community Matters charity

EDP are delighted to have been chosen as one of Exeter Waitrose’s Community Matters charities this month. Thank you to everyone who will support us throughout January by putting your green coin into our box. There are three Community Matters charities to choose from each month each receiving a proportion of £1,000 depending on the amount of green coins in each charities box. A coin is given to shoppers who spend over £20. For more information about the Waitrose scheme go to their website.EDP a Community Matters charity

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EDP Drug & Alcohol Services

EDP Drug & Alcohol Services support people to address their drug and alcohol misuse. A fundamental belief underpinning our work is that, given the right support and resources, people can and do make remarkable changes.EDP Drug & Alcohol Services

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