EDP REACH bids a fond farewell to Christchurch

EDP REACH will soon be vacating its offices in Christchurch after 10 years. It is part of a planned decision to change the way it works and offer more outreach work in East Dorset ensuring more people in some of the most rural parts of the county have access to high quality, free substance misuse services. EDP REACH offers confidential, free treatment service to anyone in Dorset who has problems with alcohol or substance use. It also offers a number of services to family members who are supporting a loved one through substance misuse.  EDP REACH have found working...EDP REACH bids a fond farewell to Christchurch

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Dorset’s remarkable fundraising feats!

Our amazing 75 year young volunteer, Ken, did a run & walk relay with his son along the stunning Jurassic Dorset coast from Weymouth to Swanage. His son ran the first leg of 18 miles in 4 hours, and Ken hiked the remaining 14 miles in 6.5 hours. There were a few challenges with the terrain, very curious cows, and impressive stags along the way. The 168 steps at Houns-Tout Cliff towards Chapman’s Pool caused Ken to stumble a bit, but he was saved by a group of female hikers who cheered him on. Ken has so far raised...Dorset’s remarkable fundraising feats!

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REACHing out to the Weymouth Street homeless community

Yesterday marked World Homeless Day, time for us all to reflect on the many people who do not have a safe and secure home to go to at the end of the day. The constant pressure of homelessness can leave many feeling like a burden and has devastating effects on people’s mental health. That is why this autumn and winter team members from REACH Drug & Alcohol Services will be on the streets of Weymouth engaging positively with the homeless community in a new initiative called REACH-out.  Drug related deaths in the UK during 2020 rose by 3.8% compared to the previous...REACHing out to the Weymouth Street homeless community

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Insider News

Insider News is a newsletter focused on the people, work and projects taking place across our prison estate in both Devon and Dorset. It features a variety of articles from staff, partners and from men in custody.Insider News

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Devon launches a new Recovery Fund

Life can be tough for people like me, with addictions and in recovery. Getting out for fresh air, exercise and enjoying our local communities can be easy for some but extraordinarily challenging for those with complex lives however it has SO many benefits and has changed my life and we have the opportunity to change more, together. Together Service user Together Drug & Alcohol Services, EDP’s Devon service has just launched a new Recovery Fund. Why, you may ask, does Together need such a fund? Find out from a group of service users that have written an open letter...Devon launches a new Recovery Fund

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Dorset launches new Recovery Fund

REACH Drug & Alcohol Services, EDP’s Dorset based service has just launched a brand new fund to help any service user with their recovery. The Recovery Fund is a dedicated pot of money that will be available to any service user to help them stay focused on their recovery. For people in active addiction and early recovery it is vital to understand that recovery it is far more than giving up a substance. It’s about learning to live, rather than to just simply exist. Reducing or stopping substances leaves a huge void in someone’s life and so it is vital...Dorset launches new Recovery Fund

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REACH at the Weymouth Coffee Tavern enjoy strong links with the local community

REACH Drug & Alcohol Services has opened a free, friendly and confidential service at the Weymouth Coffee Tavern in Weymouth. The service has given the team the space to offer vital local clinical services, one to one appointments, group and meeting space, treatment rooms and needle exchange facilities. The team have learned how to work in a completely different way to support its service users during COVID-19, by for instance delivering prescriptions to those who were required to self-isolate or were particularly vulnerable to the virus.  REACH has turned many thousands of lives around and, one of the ways that many people who...REACH at the Weymouth Coffee Tavern enjoy strong links with the local community

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Dorset’s Service User Newsletter – Edition 3

This is the third edition of ‘Stay Connected’ Dorset’s eclectic and popular Service User Newsletter which is a co-produced magazine by Reach Drug & Alcohol Services and a team of lived experience volunteers. It features essential support, news from some of the projects that service users are involved in and recommendations of books and recipes that our community is trying this summer.Dorset’s Service User Newsletter – Edition 3

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