Naloxone now available from all of our EDP Dorset Services

From today anyone who uses opiates or anyone who associates with anyone who uses opiates can come to any of our Dorset services and get a FREE Naloxone Kit to take away with them.

Naloxone is a ‘take home’ injectable medicine which can offer a life line to those at raised risk of overdosing. It helps to revive people who have overdosed on opiates, like heroin and methadone, if administered in time. After calling an ambulance the person administering will give the Naloxone doses at two minute intervals until the casualty shows signs of regaining consciousness. After this they will go to hospital where clinicians will monitor them for a while as the effect of Naloxone on opiate overdose is temporary. It can save a life for less than the cost of two cinema tickets.

All of our EDP Dorset staff have completed the training with Public Health Dorset where they were signed off as competent to administer and to give out Naloxone injection kits.

Our sites in Blandford Forum, Bridport, Christchurch, Dorchester, Ferndown, Gillingham, Sherborne, Swanage, Wareham and Weymouth all have a supply of the kits and a demonstration kit which they can use to train people ahead of giving out an active kit. Training takes a matter of minutes and includes information on signs of an overdose, breaking myths and how to use the kit. There is no need for any clinical ability or experience and you can inject naloxone straight through clothing, even tough fabrics like jeans. The medicine comes in a pre-filled syringe with clear markings on the side to show the five doses it contains.

Anyone using opiates is welcome to come to one of our services to get a kit and receive training, including those who are not IV users.  They do not need to be registered with our service or any services to be eligible for a kit.

Even those who are concerned about someone else’s opiate use and those who are in recovery but who are worried about relapsing can access a kit to take away with them.

Alongside this a number of Overdose Awareness Sessions have been planned across Dorset for anyone who would like to know more. Keep an eye on the EDP facebook page for more information about dates and venues. Naloxone will also be offered at these sessions.

Some services began giving out the packs last week and already a number of people have received this life saving kit. For more information about how to get a kit and training contact your nearest service.

For more information about why Public Health Dorset are taking this approach and why its important to offer Naloxone to all go to

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