My Time

This poem is written by Alex Bates who accesses EDP’s service at HMP/YOI Portland.

This is my time now.
time to sit back and reflect,
reflect back on a life of pain and neglect.

This is my time now.
time to catch up and learn,
to stop all that, yeah this is my turn,
ti earn back the person I yearn,

This is my time now.
time for body, mind and soul to heal,
time to feel, feel the real,
real in myself and real in life.
Look back on the struggle and strife,

This is my time now.
my time inside, inside myself,
Suppressed for so long,
sitting on a far high shelf,
time to explode like a bomb,
time to be true.
Take in what I’ve been through.
My time to explore another avenue.


Alex Bates

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