Mugs for Sale to support homeless charity

Mugs for saleThose taking part in the Social Enterprise Qualification at EDP’s service in HMP Channings Wood have chosen to support local homeless charity St Petrock by creating brightly decorated mugs.

The group of prisoners chose to hand decorate the mugs and sell them for £3 with all profits going to St Petrocks, a charity they wished to support as a result of their previous experiences. The mugs for sale come with a poem written by one of the group.

EDP were the first organisation to offer the Social Enterprise Qualification, developed by the Real Ideas Organisation, in UK prisons and so far 25 participants from EDP prison services have achieved the Bronze award and £326.70 was donated to charity.

About the mugs, one participant said:

“It’s about homeless people. I hope when you’ve read our poem and see what we’ve done, you buy a mug and realise we are all the same. The money is going to a good cause. I’ve been homeless myself and its hard to be out there on the streets. St Petrocks has helped me a lot. Buy these cups please to help the homeless.”

If you would like to purchase a mug please visit EDP’s shop in our Central Services office or contact Sarah Kuhl by emailing or calling 01392 666 734.

Mugs for sale

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