Mindfulness in HMP/YOI Portland

Mindfulness, the daily use of meditation techniques, is proving popular with those accessing EDP’s Substance Misuse Service (SMS) in HMP/YOI Portland. Those attending the SMS SMART group have been taught the techniques which they say has improved their sleep and the way they deal with stress and is having a positive impact on their recovery. They have also expressed benefits in the way they process emotions and thoughts.

Staff at HMP/YOI Portland are also offering Reiki to Peer Mentors within the service which has been really effective in managing stress, anxiety and sleep. Read more about Reiki and how it is used by the Substance Misuse Service on our Flourish Blog – https://www.edp.org.uk/flourish/reiki/

Participants have said:

“I am controlling my anger and anxiety better which is getting me to have better sleep, I am associating with people more on the wing playing pool as before I stayed away from situations due to feeling tired and fed up”

“I use the one mindfulness meditation every lunch time and most nights as I do not cope very well with anxiety when I am alone, it really really calms me down” 

“With the Reiki and the mindfulness I feel like a different person, I sometimes find it funny to look at how different I used to react to people especially officers, my partner has also said I am calmer and listen better”

“I look forward to these classes. I know how to stop using and have done for years but this deals with how I feel and it seems to work, fingers crossed the more I use it the better it will help me on release which is always where I mess up”

“this and Reiki is me time and it feels good that Peter is bothered to try and support us ..keep it coming and shows us in the group that people do support “

Mindfulness and Reiki are proving to be useful tool in managing stress and there is a lot of interest in the group.



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