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I first became involved in drug addiction in the 1970s, working in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth. This area attracted many Class A addicts from around the UK and Europe. It was high up in the top league for deaths at this time. I shared some tragic experiences with the bereaved parents, partners and children.

When I finished my work at the end of the day, I used to go home and see my young family and think of the deceased addicts and the misery they had caused and suffered themselves. When I retired from the Police in 2005, I managed to obtain work in addiction and worked mainly Part time 30hrs a week for 11years. I also received training. I retired completely at 70yrs, I then decided to volunteer with REACH. Firstly I went to Christchurch and then onto Wimborne. Although I only work one morning a week, my fingers are still boring the keyboard as I often undertake other chores for the clients behind the scenes. I enjoy working with Alan and the lovely team at Wimborne. I also work with Laurie who turns in an amazing amount of work for the clients, all in his own time. I enjoy interacting with the clients at Wimborne and I believe that the work and challenges are worth undertaking, as there is little else out there to help the clients.
Honesty, patience, sense of humour.