How to order free needle exchange supplies by post

If you live in Dorset, did you know, you can get needle exchange supplies posted to you for free? REACH, EDP’s Dorset service is working with Exchange Supplies on a new service called NSP Direct

This is a completely free service and means you can order clean injecting equipment to your home discreetly and in complete confidence.

How do I order? 

  • Get in touch with with your Recovery Worker, or the REACH switchboard (0800 043 4656) to get your unique code. Sign up on the Exchange Supplies website using your code and put in some basic info about yourself.  
  • If you don’t have internet access, you can order on the phone: 01305 262244. 
  • Choose the products you need, ideally to last you for 4 weeks and check out. Don’t forget to pop some Naloxone in your basket as well – it could save someone you know’s life.
  • Your order will normally arrive in the post within 1-2 days in plain, non-identifiable packaging. 

That’s it – super Easy! 

Why NSP Direct? 

Although we’ve continued to provide needle exchange services throughout the pandemic, it’s not been easy for lots of people. We understand it’s hard to get to the service because of things like where you live, transport, restrictions and people shielding. This new postal service, NSP Direct makes it really accessible and easy for you to stay safe and it’s reassuring for you to know that you won’t run out of equipment. 

Refer a friend – Hep C testing

Service users can call REACH and book in for a Hep C test with one of the keyworkers. You will receive a £5 Love to Shop voucher when you come in for your test and if you ‘refer a friend’ you get another £5 voucher. You can also order a kit online through NSP direct and test yourself at home. If this is your preference, then all you need to do is to call the service and we will arrange to post your voucher to you.

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