Hidden Gems show off products at event

Last week those taking part in Hidden Gems showed off their products at an event at the Exeter Corn Exchange for Carers Week, organised by Devon Carers at Westbank.

Those taking part shared information about the programme with carers wishing to get involved and have a break from their caring duties. There were approximately 30 stands there and the participants were able to talk to many organisations about the project as well as make some sales.

People were really interested in the jewellery and what can be made from recycled materials. Following on from the event Tesco in Exe Vale have invited Hidden Gems to have a stand in their store so that others can find out about the project.

Martyn spoke to a lot of people and invited the Mayor over to the stand to show her the items made. Jo spoke to Westbank about volunteering with them as she has already applied to them to start there once she has finished Hidden Gems.

In addition two of our participants completed their level 2 Social Enterprise Qualification last week. Congratulations go to them!

Hidden Gems is a project for people who are out of work; support them towards and into paid employment. Hidden Gems runs over 13 weeks and helps people develop and build employment skills. Over the course of the project you will learn how to design, make and sell jewellery and other handcrafted products from recycled and reclaimed metals. Find out more about Hidden Gems.

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