Hidden Gems helping break down barriers and get people started

Our exciting Hidden Gems programme in Exeter continues to support people towards and into employment – here is a quick update of all it’s latest news:

Making Hidden Gems accessible

One of our new participants has a dog which couldn’t be left at home and so the Hidden Gems participants located a covered area at the factory to put a kennel and are now building a new home for his dog when he comes to take part in the programme.  The plans for the kennel are starting to shape up and we’ll have some pictures on our Facebook page of the final version as soon as it’s ready. For EDP this is the beginning of an exciting plan to be able to offer areas for participants to visit any of our centres across Devon knowing that they can leave their dog in a safe place while they attend appointments or sessions.

At Hidden Gems we try to break down the barriers stopping people from accessing work and that doesn’t always have to be linked to their health. Sometimes it’s the practicalities that can stop people from accessing more support and we are dedicated to reducing those barriers.


Visit to our Bideford Pop up Sessions from the National Careers Service

Our Bideford Pop up Sessions have been a real success and as they draw to a close we invited the National Careers Service to come to one of our sessions so that those who have taken part can continue to be supported towards and into employment in their local area. We are really excited to be working closely with the National Careers Service and plan to invite them to attend towards the end of all of our programmes in the future



New business ideas from our recent participants

At Hidden Gems we are always encourage our new participants to be creative in the products they make as well as learning how to make jewellery. One of our recent participants has a great idea for a business making personalised glasses and here are some of his samples which demonstrate his skill. We are supporting him to develop his business and our volunteer Kit has helped him get some samples included in a display at a local wedding planner’s shop in Exeter so that we can gauge the interest in his design idea.

We continue to help people to progress in their lives and that’s not always finding employment – it could be starting up their own business.

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