EDP REACH bids a fond farewell to Christchurch

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EDP REACH will soon be vacating its offices in Christchurch after 10 years. It is part of a planned decision to change the way it works and offer more outreach work in East Dorset ensuring more people in some of the most rural parts of the county have access to high quality, free substance misuse services. EDP REACH offers confidential, free treatment service to anyone in Dorset who has problems with alcohol or substance use. It also offers a number of services to family members who are supporting a loved one through substance misuse. 

EDP REACH have found working with those accessing the Christchurch service an absolute pleasure and while it is agreed this is a progressive step, the sadness of the staff and service users cannot be overlooked.  There have been so many positive memories with the service users and the community, involving outings to the New Forest, fishing trips and even Sleep Outs and more importantly there have been amazing changes in the lives of those accessing and working with the service.  REACH is assured that the service users’ legacies will continue in the community and extend across the wider county too and look forward to receiving progress reports from all stakeholders.

Tamara Warrington from the Dorset Service User Forum (DSUF) has worked alongside REACH since 2019, building community projects and supporting service users. “It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with you’ she said. “The team are so focused on improving the lives of the service users and you can tell the work they do comes from a genuine care for others. Your presence in Christchurch will be missed.

During its time in Christchurch the REACH Team have worked with some incredible local partners who have often gone above and beyond in collaborating to provide the very best integrated care to service users. The team have worked hard to build positive community engagement and partnerships and would like to thank everyone for being so supportive and welcoming them and the services they offer into the community.  

“It has been really wonderful working with you over the last couple of years” said one of their partners, Ayeshat Ibitoye from the Blood Safety, Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and HIV Service at Public Health England. “You have been a real support in the community. The work you have supported us with is essential in our continued research. All the very best”.

The work of EDP REACH continues from its bases Wareham, Swanage, Wimborne,  Gillingham and Weymouth with outreach services across the county. For more details on hub locations visit www.edp.org.uk/contact-us/

Clients will continue to be seen at the Christchurch site by staff from We Are With You. For support call them on 

01202 558855

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