EDP NPS Training in Dorset ‘Brilliant’

On 1st September two of EDP’s staff in Dorset, Tamara Masters and Karen Barrett, offered training about Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) to around 40 people attending the Dorset Youth Centre Annual all staff meeting. The training covering the definition of ‘legal highs’, their effects, legal implications, harm reduction and worker techniques for engaging those who use NPS.

Jeff Andrews, Dorchester Locality Youth Worker at West Dorset Family Support, commented on the training:

“The 2 x 40 minute short workshops (our request on that time) were so full of information and signposting for what our part-time staff could do if they had a concern or discussion with a young person/group regards legal highs, that I believe the staff (including the volunteers and Senior Member Helpers), would be totally confident in how to signpost to yourselves whilst still giving localised support.

The detail and reciprocal engaging discussion was pitched absolutely perfectly. Both workers were factual, funny and covered a potentially squeeky topic to perfection. The comprehensive knowledge of their subject shone through really well.

If all Youth Centres had this type of engagement in Dorset, we would have a well educated, informed ‘army’ of youth workers communicating concerns efficiently and getting the help and support in an even wider spectrum than there already is.

Honestly can’t say enough about how my area team has been ‘re-educated’ in this subject. Brilliant work!”

If you are interested in booking a similar training session please contact EDP Central Services on 01392 666 710 or by emailing info@edp.org.uk.

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