EDP Dorset team take time to reflect

Earlier this month the EDP Dorset team celebrated their successes from the last 10 years as workers, volunteers and peer mentors from all across Dorset took time out to come together. They recognised their individual and team achievements giving each member of a team a certificate of recognition. Annette and Janice share their experiences of the day:

EDP Dorset Team celebratesI thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.  It was great to meet everyone in person and experience the EDP ‘vibe’.  The atmosphere was so friendly, supportive, relaxed and celebratory and the presentations showed just how much everyone in EDP is valued.



Exploring the grounds was lovely and taking part in the various games and activities was great fun.  Quality time spent with work colleagues in such beautiful surroundings was inspiring and appreciated.

I can’t wait for the next away day.

Thank you to everyone for a really lovely day.

Janice, Volunteer Admin Support, EDP Weymouth



ED{P Dorset Team - AnnetteWhere do I begin…possibly my vintage top hat and tails……..

This was a last minute decision as I love dressing up like Mr Ben, for those who remember him from an age gone by.

Walking in the venue was as always like walking into a family event so many welcoming familiar faces and the new and fresh faces of the future EDP.

I listened while Beth gave a speech regarding the last 10 years of EDP and the great work that has been achieved by all both past and present.

On thanking Beth for her contribution to the ongoing success of EDP in Dorset and beyond, I was only able to get as far as thanking her for her passion as emotions got in the way.

So I now have the opportunity to finish what I started.

Beth has led Dorset for the last 10 years with passion, dedication, commitment and unbounding energy and compassion……and we thank you


EDP Dorset TeamThen there’s the fun and games, not a stat, HALO or Policy and procedure to be seen or heard FANTASTIC.

An opportunity to chat with people and reminisce and explore the future.

Food lovely, never heard a negative word all day.


The only workshop of the day was incredibly thought provoking and reflective “What has been your most memorable event or time whilst with EDP?”

It was a privilege to sit and listen to the wealth of compassion, experience and character’s brought to the table.

The conversations throughout the day were as mixed and diverse as our client base, from diet to historic London.


EDP Dorset Team - Playing ChessI have to say the venue along with the weather was fantastic. Wall to wall sunshine within the walls of the old walled garden (lots of walls there), where we enjoyed activities of Giant Connect 4 with Theresa and Martha

Giant Chess, played by Ben and Mark

And the posts at the crazy golf where the challenge of persistence and cheating paid off in the end by Nigel and crew!……you know who you are, sadly I can’t remember the names but will not forget the faces and joyous time.

There were those that took part in the mindfulness and meditation.

Last but not least I got to have my picture taken in a giant deck chair thanks to Simon.


To end, I take from the day, lovely memories of time spent in the sunshine with everyone and what as a team we all bring to EDP: of which are amazing talents.

Beth’s fitting words at the end of the day.

The perfectly imperfect.

Well done EDP Dorset

Annette Caller, Recovery Practitioner, Gillingham



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