EDP and Red Cross First Aid Programme educates 169 people in 2014

Over the last year a partnership between EDP’s Dorset Community Services and the British Red Cross educated 169 of our service users in first aid awareness and valuable everyday first aid skills.

The successful partnership will continue to work together to offer the training again throughout 2015 so that more people can feel confident to offer first aid in the future, just as in this case study below.

Not sure about saving a life but certainly helping a person in need and distress…

A Peer Mentor in Dorset came across a road traffic collision involving a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was lying in the road and the Peer Mentor suspected he had broken his leg. She checked for consciousness and breathing. He was fine in that regard and an ambulance had been called.

Another member of the public became quite agitated with the Peer Mentor saying that they should move the casualty because he was lying in the middle of the road. The Peer Mentor stated that because she had recently undertaken First Aid Training, she felt confident in herself and was able to deal with the situation assertively. She asked the member of the public to stop traffic and stayed with the casualty, keeping him calm and checking his level of consciousness until the ambulance arrived. The Peer Mentor received very positive feedback from paramedics on her management of the situation and they confirmed there was no need to move the casualty, boosting her confidence even further.

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