Drug Support Resources

Motivation & Change
Motivation & Change Recovery Workbook
Harm Reduction Workbook
Changing your use of opiates
Changing your use of benzodiazepine
Changing your use of cocaine
Changing your use of cannabis
Breaking Free Online – a website and app that helps with behaviour change. Use the code devon11 (if you live in Devon) or dorset11 (if you live in Dorset)
Self Help Guide

Save a Life with Naloxone

Find out what to do if someone has an opioid overdose

Online Mutual Aid Meetings

Stress & Anxiety Management
 Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty

Community Connections
Devon Wellbeing Directory While in Isolation
Dorset Wellbeing Directory While in Isolation
Find out which organisations can help in Dorset during COVID-19 – Reach Drug & Alcohol Services’ help & support leaflet
Needle Exchange Pharmacies – Pharmacies in Dorset offering needle exchange supplies
Early action financial support – from the Citizens Advice Service & Dorset County Council

Useful information resources
Drug Driving leaflet

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