Drug Support Resources

Motivation & Change
Motivation & Change Recovery Workbook
Harm Reduction Workbook
Changing your use of opiates
Changing your use of benzodiazepine
Changing your use of cocaine
Changing your use of cannabis
Breaking Free Online – a website and app that helps with behaviour change. Use the code devon11 (if you live in Devon) or dorset11 (if you live in Dorset)
Self Help Guide

Save a Life with Naloxone

Find out what to do if someone has an opioid overdose

Online Mutual Aid Meetings

Stress & Anxiety Management
 Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty

Community Connections
Devon Wellbeing Directory
Dorset Wellbeing Directory
Find out which organisations can help in Dorset during COVID-19 – Reach Drug & Alcohol Services’ help & support leaflet
Needle Exchange Pharmacies – Pharmacies in Dorset offering needle exchange supplies
Early action financial support – from the Citizens Advice Service & Dorset County Council

Useful information resources
Drug Driving leaflet

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