Dorset’s remarkable fundraising feats!

Volunteer Ken hiking along Jurassic Dorset coast

Our amazing 75 year young volunteer, Ken, did a run & walk relay with his son along the stunning Jurassic Dorset coast from Weymouth to Swanage. His son ran the first leg of 18 miles in 4 hours, and Ken hiked the remaining 14 miles in 6.5 hours. There were a few challenges with the terrain, very curious cows, and impressive stags along the way. The 168 steps at Houns-Tout Cliff towards Chapman’s Pool caused Ken to stumble a bit, but he was saved by a group of female hikers who cheered him on. Ken has so far raised £275 for the Dorset Recovery Fund. What an amazing achievement!!!! But this incredible effort has got to be worth more! If you’d like to support Ken and his son, the donation link is at the bottom of the page.

Kizzy Cappelen-Eitzen taking a photo while walking along the coast in Dorset

In addition to this, the West Dorset Satellite Hubs decided to walk the distance between two of our main satellite hubs in West Dorset. Walking from just outside Bridport/West Bay to Lyme Regis; a distance of nearly 10 miles. Kizzy Cappelen-Eitzen and two clients walked the steep and glorious pathways along the coast to raise money for REACH. It was certainly challenging and took them nearly 6 hours to complete with a couple of detours, but the views and sore feet were all worth it as they rolled down the hill into Lyme Regis for a well deserved coffee and pastry.

A member of Dorset's Community Development team is skydiving

Lastly and, by a long, long way not least, has been the incredible skydive. Dorset’s Community Development team members did a Skydive to raise funds for the Dorset Recovery Fund. The 3 brave women jumped out off a plane from the height of 10,000 feet with a 30 second freefall at 125mph!!! They all landed safe and sound and are  ready to jump again!!! So fare they gave raised £ 1980

Please visit our page and donate for Ken, Kizzy, the skydive team and all our service users:

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