Coronavirus COVID-19 Community pharmacies

Special update for those on prescribed medications from our services. Community Pharmacies are changing what they can offer, including: 

  •  Supervised consumption (taking your medication at the pharmacy) is being stopped – it will be restarted in the future but until then you will have more medication to take away. 
  • Please think about how you can keep the larger amount of medication out of sight and reach. Keeping it locked away is the best solution. Read our partner Humankind’s leaflet on safe storage for more information HERE
  • Keep taking the same prescribed daily doses, even though you have a bigger supply with you. Taking more than prescribed can lead to overdose. 
  • Thiamine – continue prescription and try to get a larger supply  to prevent you having to go to the pharmacy as often. 
  • If you want to start opiate substitute medication like methadone or buprenorphine we may need to do it in a different way. Discuss how this will work for you with your local service. 
  • Reducing and detoxing from your medication is not advised at the moment as the service may not be able to fully support you. Please keep in touch with your service for more information.  

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