Committed to Excellence!

EDP has recently been assessed and awarded 2* Committed to Excellence (the first award on a journey within the EFQM model).

As an organisation we were assessed against the EFQM Excellence Model and how we implement continuous improvement in everything we do.

The assessors  examined how the organisation is managed and how improvements are made:

  • Do we have the right leadership?
  • Do we develop and implement our strategy soundly?
  • Do we manage our people well?
  • Do we manage our non-people resources well?
  • Do we manage our work well and deliver what our customers want?
  • Do we know how well we’re doing?
  • Does everything work together?

We will continue to build on this success, aligning ourselves more closely with the Excellence Model, in order to ensure that EDP is recognised as a high performing organisation, committed to ongoing learning, improvement and excellence.

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