Weymouth Coffee Tavern gets a new lease of life

REACH Drug & Alcohol Services, Dorset’s free, open access substance misuse service is opening a new community hub in Weymouth. Weymouth Coffee Tavern at 24 High West St is a welcoming environment for REACH’s skilled and passionate team to offer a wide variety of help and support for anyone experiencing issues with alcohol or drugs. While the support is a little different during COVID, REACH has remained open throughout the pandemic, offering a flexible blend of professional help that is keeping people and families safe. The Weymouth Coffee Tavern allows REACH to offer a full range of services under...Weymouth Coffee Tavern gets a new lease of life

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Plug In Devon

A new community resource for Devon Plug in Devon is a new online community connecting people in recovery (of any sort) with each other and with services, organisations, and grassroots groups in the region. It is especially focussed on the increased impact that living with the Covid-19 pandemic may have on individuals. The website https://www.plugindevon.org.uk/  includes online forums, news, personal stories, events, and a directory of services to help anyone in recovery from mental health needs, substance use, homelessness, or trauma.  The website is being developed by the Devon Together Alliance (DTA), a formal partnership of local organisations committed to system...Plug In Devon

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Stay Connected

Welcome to the Service User Newsletter for Dorset. Please take a look inside to discover wonderful contributions, lots of really useful harm reduction messages for the Christmas period, group meetings and of course cracker jokes.Stay Connected

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No hole goes on for eternity

Reflections on a journey to recovery – Part 3 If you’re reading this, and you’re a professional – thank you. “Together” I did it. If you’re reading this, and you think you’re me? Don’t be afraid of “Them”. Be afraid of what it is within you that made you recognise me. Don’t fall as far as I did. Or, do. Fall. Fall, and see what happens. Eventually, you’ll wake up on the cold hard floor, because no hole goes on for eternity.  When that day comes, and it will, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There are more of us than you...No hole goes on for eternity

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But I am not alone

Reflections on a journey to recovery – Part 2 To whom it may concern. Sandra Hambleton asked me to write this. And as with 99% of the things she asks me to do, here I am, doing it. Whatever it is that she went through, to get to where she is, it was worth it. You have a team member who knows her shit, if you pardon my language.  She’s fierce. Insightful. Relentless. Kind, but no pushover. Gentle, but never weak. When other professionals weren’t up to scratch, she sympathised, and then went off to fix it.  Without her,...But I am not alone

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One hundred and twelve days

Reflections on a journey to recovery and a special worker from Together who made it happen One hundred and twelve days ago, I woke up on the floor of a police cell. I woke as I had done for many days previously – with a dry throat, pounding head and hazy recollection of the night before. This time was different. This time, I had gone too far. This time, there were more than the physical sensations and the nagging feeling of shame. My name is Sara, and I am an alcoholic. Within minutes, it became clear that my sense...One hundred and twelve days

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The changing face of family support

‘Thank you so much for the crafts you gave to my son. He was really anxious in lockdown and lacked motivation. When he got the pack he was so pleased. It gave him something to do instead of focusing on his worries. It has even inspired him to look at working with textiles when he gets older.’ Parent of child who received a craft pack COVID-19 is changing the way that people are working and social distancing means that face to face contact in sectors like drug and alcohol support where clients are often some of the most vulnerable...The changing face of family support

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Confidential and free testing of pills

In response to our news article about local drugs warning in Devon and Dorset, we have produced a new, easy to follow (and share) harm reduction infographic. People who would like to test pills to discover their ingredients are advised to get in touch via our freephone number 0800 043 4656. Our staff will arrange to have samples collected and tested confidentially and for free.Confidential and free testing of pills

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Local drug warning

There are a few reports of drugs in circulation in both Devon and Dorset that are causing severe adverse reactions. We’d like to raise awareness of these potentially harmful drugs in order to keep those who use our service and the wider public safe.  The drugs are being manufactured to resemble prescribed medicines. This means that they are packed in blister packs or pharmacy tubs and are made to look like benzodiazepines – diazepam (Valium), lorazepam, flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) and azalopram (Xanax). The pills are blue and some are marked as DAN 5620. Early tests on these blue pills have...Local drug warning

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