Breaking Free Online and EDP Enter Long-Term Partnership

EDP are excited to announce a new partnership with Breaking Free Online which will enable us to offer their digital behavioural change programme as part of our new Reach Drug & Alcohol Services in Dorset and Poole, which is delivered in partnership with Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust (AWP) and Essential Drug and Alcohol Services (EDAS).

Due to the complexity and challenges faced by communities across such large rural and urban areas, digital approaches including the introduction of Breaking Free Online are central to the new service.

Breaking Free Group’s digital behavioural change programme, Breaking Free Online is an evidence-based online treatment and recovery intervention for substance dependence. It harnesses the latest digital technology to make effective interventions more powerful, engaging and accessible than ever before.

Along with employing digital recovery workers, introducing Breaking Free Online means all of our service users will now be able to access 24/7 confidential treatment and recovery support via the internet every day of the year. And since the programme directly targets 50 substances – including alcohol, new psychoactive substances (legal highs), substitute medications and prescribed medications of abuse – it will strengthen our digital offering and ability to engage the growing number of people who in need of treatment for alcohol and drugs.

Dr Jonathan Ward, Managing Director at Breaking Free, commented:

“We are thrilled that EDP has embraced technology-enhanced recovery in such a comprehensive way. Our new partnership gives service users working alongside EDP continuous access to evidence-based interventions that are proven to work. We are really encouraged by the approach taken by EDP to utilizing digital interventions as part of their new innovative service model and strong digital offering.”

Beth Davies, EDP Community Area Manager, commented:

“We are really excited to be partnering with Breaking Free Online and to be able to offer online support to those in Dorset who find it difficult to access our premises or are just keen to explore digital programmes as part of a group. EDP will continue to develop its digital services in collaboration with Breaking Free and our Reach service users. Look out for more details on our website ( about how to get involved over the coming months and check out the Breaking Free Online app.”

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