Beyond November at Devon County Show

Earlier this month our Hidden Gems initiative, Beyond November, attended the Devon County Show. The project engages, employs and empowers people who are out of work, including ex-service personnel, towards and into employment by engaging, empowering and employing. One of our Beyond November volunteers, Bryan, who was featured on BBC Spotlight and attended the show, writes about his experience:

I was at the Devon County Show with the Hidden Gems team for three days.  We had a great response to our stand and the piece shown on Spotlight the night before was a great help.

People actually came to the show to find us and to buy a poppy.  We made over £2000!

People were interested to hear my story and wanted to know how we went about making the poppies.   It led to people sharing their personal stories with us which was very touching…

People said thank you and told us we were doing great work.  People seemed genuinely moved by the poppies and want to talk to me about their own experiences, some even asked me for my autograph!

I had the chance to meet Simon Weston which was a highlight to me as he graciously accepted one of the poppies that I had made. He was interested in how I got the percussion caps so flat and I replied – I belt it with a hammer!

If you would like to purchase one of our poppies you can do so online at our ebay shop.

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