All in the Mind Awards Nomination for EDP Ferndown

EDP’s team at our satellite service in Ferndown have been nominated for the BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind Awards by a service user accessing the service.

The awards recognizes individuals, projects and groups that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to offer support or advice that has made a real difference in people’s lives. The Ferndown team has been nominated for the project award. The judges of the All in the Mind Awards will select three finalists in each category and the awards will be announced during a ceremony to be held in London in June.

The service users who nominated the team, supported by other service users, said in his nomination:

“Before I retired in 2011, I worked away from home all the time, usually by myself, and my drinking had become steadily worse. Once retired, I continued to drink and my wonderful wife told me to get help. The Practice Nurse at the surgery told me about EDP and I referred myself. To start with I attended a group or had 1:1 counselling once a week. I’d taken the first step on a long journey. Over the next year I took significantly more steps forwards than backwards. My drinking was considerably reduced. My health had improved. Over the following 18 months the improvement process continued, yielding important benefits. EDP’s support had changed my life. In retrospect, I’m fairly sure that EDP saved my life.”

“All those who access EDP’s Ferndown service are all at different stages so we can support and help others at earlier stages than we are. In turn we are supported and helped by other at later stages than we are. I found that being able to help others helped me too. Leaders and Service Users accept that there is no one-size-fits all approach, nevertheless sharing personal approaches supports, guides and inspires others at different stages of “recovery”.

“Groups are Service User oriented – so the voices of all group members are listened to with care, a commitment to joining us on our journey and providing strong support to each other. For several people Group is the only place they feel they can speak openly, overcome their fears, anxieties and isolation. Group programmes are frequently shaped by Service Users making presentations or leading workshops and sessions. I’ve led four. Preparing and leading them is therapeutic and rewarding. EDP saved my life. I want to give something back.”

“Group leaders are almost always former addicts in recovery. They have “walked in our shoes”, understand what’s it’s like to recover and the risks we will face for ever. Importantly, they are living proof that recovery is possible. EDP runs support Groups and networks, enabling the partners, relatives and friends of Service Users to understand and better support them.”

“Several Service Users engaged with EDP in desperation after seeking help from other services. I’ve seen people arrive in tears, listen, contribute and say that engaging with EDP was the best thing they’d ever done. EDP has saved and is saving lives. In 32 months I’ve seen this several times. EDP very successfully treats addiction in the mind.”

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