Vision, mission & values

EDP’s vision

‘Improving the quality of life for people affected by substance misuse’.

We recognise that, to ensure long-lasting change, we need to work with individuals, families, communities and other partners, and we need to address the broader issues of social exclusion.

Our expertise lies in our ability to facilitate positive change.  A fundamental belief underpinning our work is that, given the right support and resources, people can and do make remarkable changes.  Our priority is to work with people where there is the greatest deficit, or the greatest harm caused to themselves or to others.


EDP’s mission

‘To open doors for people affected by substance misuse so they can improve their lives and those of their families and communities’.

Within the services we deliver we witness many transitions along this journey:

  • From a life dominated by substance misuse to one of freedom and choice;
  • From a life of worklessness to one enriched by learning and meaningful employment;
  • From homelessness and exclusion to securely housed and participating in community life;
  • From a life of crime to one without offending;
  • From prisons and institutions to freedom within communities; and
  • From a troubled adolescence to a happier adult life.


EDP Values

  • Belief – We believe people can make it
    We firmly believe in everyone’s potential. We know that people can and do make remarkable changes.
  • Respect – How we work is as important as what we do
    We will treat everyone respectfully – whether they use our services, work for us or work with us. We are creative, curious and flexible
  • Partners – We do it together
    We see partnerships as the key to better futures for people affected by substance misuse. We develop strong and meaningful partnerships with people who use our services, staff, other agencies, our funders, research bodies and our communities. We will ensure that our services are accessible to all.
  • Ambition – We focus on recovery and outcomes
    We want a world where people are no longer blamed for their substance misuse, no longer socially excluded and are given support to take ownership of and rebuild their lives.  We will call for more understanding, more compassion and more resources to make this happen. We will support staff and service users to keep learning and to set and achieve ambitious targets.

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