Recovery through Social Enterprise

Recovery Through Social Enterprise


D3M_0029“be inspired… get involved… make it happen”



EDP invests in creating enabling environments which support people to unlock their potential and achieve recovery through a socially enterprising approach. We see the power of social enterprises; how they can inspire and harness people’s entrepreneurial spirit and support the development and application of business skills for tackling social problems, improving communities and the environment.




D3M_0012What do we mean by recovery through social enterprise?

Recovery through social enterprise is about inspiring people; helping them to see and believe they can effect positive change on issues they are passionate about. Our approach supports people to identify, develop and activate their assets and skills for positive learning, living and giving. Too often people are asked to hypothesise and talk about their health, wellbeing, recovery and goals. In contrast, recovery through social enterprise is fundamentally about doing: that is, supporting people to be involved and engaged in purposeful and enterprising activity and engage in the change they wish to see.

Recovery through social enterprise culture is one of innovation, creativity, calculated risk taking and opportunism; creating a space for positive personal and social transformations.

It aims to:

Engage people in a positive, creative activity away from negative distractions and to use their new skills to create products

Employ people using the income from the sale of products

Empower people to focus on the future



Examples of our recovery through social enterprise ventures

Hot Foot EnterprisesHot Foot Enterprise is using the time and skills of people in prison to transform waste wood into commercially viable and environmentally friendly products (current products include foot stools, garden furniture and table tops). The social enterprise is based at HMP Dartmoor and is a partnership between the prison, a local scaffolding company and EDP.




Hidden GemsHidden Gems supports out-of-work participants towards and into paid employment. The program develops entrepreneurial and employment skills, provides work experience and one-to-one and group support to overcome health and wellbeing barriers to employment. Participants design and produce jewellery and other handcrafted products from recycled and reclaimed metals.