Soberrave Weymouth January 18

Lighting up the Night!

Ever felt like you’d like to go dancing but don’t have the energy to stay up until midnight for the privilege? Now you don’t have to with EDP’s Soberrave in Weymouth on 12th January between 7pm and 9pm.

Better still you will wake up feeling ready for whatever you have planned for the following day – without wishing you could just stay in bed and recover!

recovery sound system logo blueEDP Drug & Alcohol Services Recovery Sound System Project is bringing its own Soberrave event to the recently launched Dorset REACH integrated provision.  The event will take place in Weymouth in the early evening and will provide a great opportunity to have fun, meet like-minded people and get active through dancing at a completely alcohol and drug free event.

Furthermore, admission is free to ensure that everyone over 18 interested in attending can do so and there will be refreshments available for a small cost.

Soberrave will take place on Friday 12th January between 7pm and 9pm at The Waterside Weymouth Community Forum, The Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street, Weymouth, DT4 7HP. Music will be provided by DJ’s taking part in EDP Drug & Alcohol Services Recovery Sound System project which aims to connect people through music.

There will also be information on services available in the local community for those who would like to get more involved, or would like support to maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle without missing out on having fun and making new like-minded friends.

The event is for anyone over 18 from the local community who wants to have fun and party without using alcohol or drugs.

Find out more about Soberrave at

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