EDP’s Recovery Sound System

EDP Recovery Sound System

EDP’s Recovery Sound System (RSS) will make a difference through music and connecting with others.

Recovery Sound System (RSS) will:

  • work with people to ‘reclaim’ a song that was once important to them but has been too difficult to listen to since that time and to work with capturing the story of their recovery. Moving away from the story of ‘what is the matter in to what matters’ to people and co-producing new initiatives together
  • deliver music workshops in care settings to help people with dementia & recovery from strokes
  • help people get active by moving/dancing to music – watch this space for more details about the launch of our ‘Big Morning Dance’ event in Exeter (in partnership with Active Devon & The Phoenix Centre)
  • recycle records that nobody wants by playing them alongside & mixing them in with something more popular and making new music; we will co-create something new and relevant – we then turn the records in to clocks and tote bags, thus making something new and useful out of something nobody wanted anymore; the clocks to mark time and the bags to hold new recovery memories. Together we will 100% recycle the song, old record and it’s cover
  • be available to hire for old school 1970s, 80s, 90s themed events – we provide the tunes and you come dressed up to party in your vintage inspired clobber
  • have partners who will offer training in sound engineering, music, adult health & social care and all the relevant themes to what we will be offering above

We are looking for recovery navigators and volunteers from across all communities in Devon who would like to get involved in any or all of these threads. For more details and to apply to join this exciting project please email niksutherland@edp.org.uk or call him on 07738 716625.


Our thanks go to www.thestorehouse-bideford.co.uk for the special price on our old school sound system (as pictured); we love it!