Devon Time

Devon Time is a County Wide initiative which works to support communities across the county to set up and sustain co-produced local Community Time Bank branches.

Each community time bank is individual and unique – as are our communities and the people who live in them. We all work together under Devon Time which is part of EDP.


What is Timebanking?

The basis of Timebanking is reciprocity and community with the aims being communities become connected; neighbours know each other, resilient; hardy, robust, resourceful, spirited and empowered; invested, inspired and energised.

Time bank members are not volunteers in the traditional sense – each member is part of a community of reciprocity. This means mutual exchange, interchange, or switch, of time and skills and mutually beneficial activity.

By Timebanking everyone can offer their time and receive someone else’s time in return.

           “Put an hour in, get an hour out”

Each individual has the opportunity to help another and to feel needed, valued and equal within their community.

For each hour an individual offers they receive a credit which they can claim back from someone else when they need help. By giving and receiving you are in essence giving twice!

If you do not have a use for your earned credits, you can donate them to the Community or another time bank member, or even another time bank. Or, alternatively, you can bank them for use later when perhaps you may really need them.

People can also use credits before they are “In credit” – this is arranged with the time broker and always on an individual basis to meet the needs of those in our communities.


How can we get involved in timebanking in Devon?

Devon Time is set up as an umbrella timebank to support all communities across the county to set up and provide Community Time Banks.

If you are interested in finding out the latest news about Devon Time please visit our facebook page or if you are interested in setting up a community time bank in your area please contact